Save Permalinks

Table of Contents

  1. Flush and Save Permalinks

Flush and Save Permalinks #

1. Set permalinks to Post name

After installing the plugin please you will need to make sure your permalinks at set to the proper format which is ‘Post name’. To change your permalinks, from the WordPress dashboard hover over ‘Settings’ and click ‘Permalinks’. Select ‘Post name’ and click ‘Save Changes’.

2. Flush your Permalinks

If your permalinks were already set to ‘Post name’ or you have recently made any changes, you will need to flush your permalinks. To do so simply hit ‘Save Changes’.

3. Troubleshooting

If you’re seeing a 404 error when trying to view a single sermon, that means you either haven’t flushed your permalinks, they aren’t set to ‘Post Name’, or if you’re using CloudFlare you might be seeing a cached version of your website. If that is the case please try clearing your cache and cookies.