Download & Installation

Installing the WordPress Repository Free Version #

1. Download the plugin from official WordPress repository

While logged into your WordPress dashboard, hover over the menu item ‘Plugins’ and select ‘Add new’. Search for Advanced Sermons by WP Codeus.

2. Install it to your WordPress website

Click the ‘Install Now’ button and activate it on your WordPress install.

3. You are all done!

Installing Advanced Sermons Pro #

1. Download the plugin from WP Codeus

After you have purchased Advanced Sermons Pro, you will receive an email with your license and a link to download the latest version of Ultimate Client Dash Pro. You can also log into your account at to access your downloadable files and license keys.

2. Upload it to your WordPress website

Once you have downloaded the latest version of Advanced Sermons Pro, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and hover over ‘Plugins’ and click ‘Add New’. On the top you will see a button called ‘Upload Plugin’. Select the file you just downloaded and hit ‘Install Now’.

3. You are all done!

Important Note: Advanced Sermons Pro is an add-on of Advanced Sermons which mean you are required to have both plugins installed.